Fantastic tap water from every faucet!

Eliminate chlorine, partial chloramines, heavy metals and bacteria from your home water. Reduce hard water scale up to 95% in all household plumbing. Increase the lifespan of your heaters, dishwashers, clothes washers, faucets and all water-using appliances.

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Who We Are

At Agua Guru, we believe that everyone deserves to have access to clean, safe water. That's why we've developed Agua Guru One Drop - a salt-free water softener that eliminates chlorine, partial chloramines, heavy metals and bacteria from your home water. This device also reduces hard water scale by up to 95%, which will extend the lifespan of your water-using appliances and make them more efficient.

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What We Do?

We Make Your Home Water Safer for All Your Family Needs.

We add the lifespan of your home appliances

Agua Guru Water Softening Service

Water Softening

Hard water causes almost 50% efficiency reduction and one-third lifespan decrease in appliances. In addition, hard water is also responsible for scratchy and faded clothes and towels. However, our system can remove elements that create limescale build-up. As a result, appliances will last longer, energy bills will be lower, and clothes will be softer and brighter.

Agua Guru Removes Metals and Chemicals in Water

Remove Heavy Metals and Chemicals in Water

Scientists estimate that more than 200 million Americans may be drinking water that's contaminated with PFAS chemicals. This does not even include other contaminants like iron, lead, mercury, sewage, and pesticides. Our system gets rid of toxic substances that have been proven to cause skin cancer, birth defects, and liver damage.

Agua Guru Reverse Osmosis for Drinking Water

Tap Water Reverse Osmosis for Drinking Water

A big part of keeping your family safe is ensuring that the water they drink is clean and free of contaminants. While most tap water in the United States is safe to drink, there are still some areas where the water is not as clean as it could be. In these cases, it's important to have a reverse osmosis system in place to filter the water and make it safe to drink.



Greatly reduces hard water scale

Agua Guru Reduces Hard Water Scale

Uses zero electricity

Agua Guru Clean Water

Water Safety for domestic use

Agua Guru Water Safety for Domestic Use

Agua Guru One Drop Water Conditioner

We are reshaping the water filtration industry with our signature whole house water filtration system that provides bottle quality drinking water in your home without the use of salt and electricity. Replace yesterday’s salt-based softeners and other point-of-use filters once and for all.

Experience marvelous water quality like it was meant to be without maintenance, Spring water like H2O that uses 100% KDF55 media for filtration.
Experience the Agua Guru One Drop difference today!

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Agua Guru One Drop Water Conditioner

How it Works?

The AGUA GURU ONE DROP system uses a complex 4 stage process to eliminate chlorine, partial chloramines, heavy metals, and bacteria. The system greatly reduces hard water calcium scale from forming and lowers the surface tension in the water. This 4 stages process includes a double high strength magnetic pass, 3 chamber catalytic surface and Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) media flow through.
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Shop Agua Guru One Drop

LAKE | 1 - 3 bathrooms
RIVER | 4 - 6 bathrooms
OCEAN | 6+ Bathrooms

Aguaguru DW-8LC productShop Now

Agua Guru Carbon Block Filter 4.5 inch x 20 inch - 10 MicronFilter

Agua Guru Carbon Block productShop Now

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Aguaguru Reverse Osmosis systemShop now

Reduce hard water scale up to 95% in all household plumbing.

Why Agua Guru One Drop?

Agua Guru One Drop Salt-Free Water Softeners save you hundreds of dollars a year. Save money on salt, wasted water and electricity. Our water softeners help extend the life of your appliances in your home. Your home's piping will also be scale-free from buildup and saves costly re-piping or plumbing repairs.

Drop by Drop Can Fill the Bucket!

Aguaguru gives back

We proudly partner up with to helpprovide access to clean water in communities across the globe with every purchase of our Whole-House Systems. Learn More

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Learn the difference between salt-based water softeners and water conditioners

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