Giving Back

Agua Guru is partnering with, aninternational nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to safewater and sanitation to the millions affected by the global water crisis.


771 million people—1 in 10—lack access tosafe water. For millions of women, children, and communities, this leads to amultitude of disadvantages. believes water is the best investment theworld can make to improve health, empower women, enable access to education,increase family income and change lives.


Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, offers smart solutions that break down the financial barriers betweenpeople living in poverty and access to safe water and sanitation. To date, theyhave empowered more than 43 million people in 17 countries with access to safewater, sanitation, and the hope, health, and opportunities they bring.

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Water has given so much to us; we wereinspired by the idea of giving water to those who need it. Out of so manyworthy causes, the impact of clean water and sanitation on the lives of womenand children won our hearts. Something fantastic is happening here come join thecommunity.

Drop by Drop does fill the Bucket!

Our Whole-House Systems, benefits Water.orgwith every sale. For each Whole-House Systems item purchased, canprovide 4 persons with clean water for 1 years.


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1% of every purchase from our website is donated to

ACCES TO SAFE WATER helps provide access to safe water for people in need.