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Agua Guru Carbon Block Filter 4.5 inch x 20 inch - 10 Micro Filter


$ 139.99 USD

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About the product

• Filter elements are designed to fitmost 20” big blue style filter housings.

• This high quality carbon blockmedia is manufactured from raw materials to precise specifications entirely ina US manufacturing facility.

• This filter element is rated at 10microns.

• Elements are finished with a singlelayer of spun-bonded polypropylene netting.

• Polypropylene end caps withcompression gaskets are standard.


• Micron Rating: 10 Micron

• Dimensions: 4.5 O.D. x 1.25 I.D. x20" L

• Chlorine Reduction (greater than95%): 32,000 Gallons @ 6 GPM

• Carbon Type: Coconut Shell Carbon

• Operating Temperature: 40 to 125Degrees F

• Operating Pressure: 250 psi;

• 5 micron Sediment included.